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QRS is redefining the relationship

between corporate and local operations



As highly trained professionals, we have a bird’s eye view of your company’s challenges & offer an open-minded initiative to implement an effective solution to optimizing your company’s efficiency & profitability.


Quality Resolution Systems, LLC is an Organizational Change Management firm dedicated to redeveloping functionality between corporate & support locations, improving supplier connectivity with comprehensive ERP software, and an automotive simulated training facility that offers uniquely designed training plans.  Find out more under "Insight"



For your company to stay at the top, or make it back to the top, it is important to implement a healthy Quality Management System.


We help our clients discover systemic or local risk, help all stakeholders and associates resolve discovered risk from a systemic approach. We also work to help implement useable work instructions, procedure, and processes into all needed teams and departments. We make efforts that work to maintain a healthy/productive work environment to improve the morale of all personnel, and many other things to ensure that the newly implemented system is healthy and followed through accordingly.

Understanding the determents of quality, such as design of the product and product launch processes to root cause problem and optimize potentials for improvement opportunities




Consider all the challenges of daily job duties; ensure that we proactively consider challenges each employee faces on a day to day basis and develop strategic plans to mitigate risk.

Properly identify, design, execute, document, measure, monitor, and control both automated and non-automated business processes to achieve consistently targeted results aligned with your organization's strategic goals.


 QRS has one goal in mind; Simplifying the process by bridging functional gaps between corporate & support operations. With such an ambitious goal, we are currently at the beginning stages of development with our revolutionary training facility and software management system. 

The Elevation Group

This training facility will be structured as an actual manufacturing plant (from BIW to General Assembly), to give employees a realistic understanding of the automotive industry.

Coming Soon


A Program Launch ERP System providing a comprehensive, centralized, integrated source of  information to manage all major business processes.

Coming Soon

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