Being a Motor City Native, Kiara Thomas was born with a passion for the automotive industry. In her studies for Engineering Management, she has found a further need to help with the advancement of Automotive Technologies & Manufacturing Processes, while keeping her focus on her family and her community. She has been working for the top OEM Manufacturers and Tier-One Supplier companies for almost a decade.  She has experience in the following focus areas:

  • Process Development, Improvement, and Implementation

  • Engineering databases & software systems (ERP, BEAMS, SAP, etc.)

  • Employee Coaching & Personnel Development

  • Various Problem-Solving methodologies (Including 8Ds, Red-X, Six Sigma, etc.)


At a very early stage in her career, she noticed there was an imminent need for change within the world of automotive.  Having the innate ability to see problems from all perspectives, the drive to make efforts toward continuous improvement, desire to develop people and leadership skills, has made her a perfect candidate to lead the industry in a positive direction.



Serena Eagan is an advocate for the general welfare of families, communities, groups, businesses, and individuals. From her personal afflictions rose her desire to dedicate her life to helping individuals learn to live happy, healthy lives.


To pursue her passion, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Eastern Michigan University where she also served as President over the Association of Black Social Workers. From the University of Michigan, she obtained a Master of Social Work and was among 10 students (of 350 total) inducted into the Child Welfare Specialist Fellowship in 2007.


From New Orleans to England, Serena has performed various roles including facilitator of inner healing groups for leaders, corporations, and adolescence advisor and counselor for homeless shelters, businesses, and schools. She currently serves as a behavioral health clinical advisor for one of the top Healthcare companies in the country, a field instructor for The Yunion Inc., and avid counselor.


Serena remains committed to wholeheartedly serving God, her family and the community.

Human Services Director


Stephanie Onwuegbuna has a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems Management at Wayne State University including the completion of courses in Computer Science and Engineering. From very early in her career, she has shown passion for technology, computer structures and systemic infrastructure arrangements. While she is still young, she has an eye for detail and the ability to see systemic challenges uncommon to the human eye.


Ms. Stephanie is very well connected to her native Nigerian roots, and leads in her community, much like she leads in her field of study. She has over 6 years working in various positions of leadership in IT. She has work in industries such as OEM & Tier-One Automotive manufactures, banking, and finance. With her current work in Program Management, she is familiar with time management, product development and setting priorities. Her future is bright as she strives to continuously innovate in the field of Information Technology one obstacle at a time!

Director of Information Technology


509 S Crooks Rd.

Clawson, MI 48017

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