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At Quality Resolution Systems, our mission is to help our clients in the diverse industries actively achieve their company’s exponential growth with more cohesive communication between corporate and supporting site entities, ensure that talents of all employees are being elevated at all ranks, and to safeguard production of quality products and provisions at every level of development.



  • Most employees are in the positions that aren’t befitting of their skillset

  • Invasive job descriptions for current and incoming applicants

  • Systemically underdeveloped Management teams

  • Corporate culture and support location environments consistently disparaging

Our Insight

We have a Human Services specialist on staff to help address those needs. This individual will not only work with all Managers to determine where they are personally and professionally (as there is no separation person's personality & personal life affects their professional well-being), and determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and next steps to help them obtain the goals requested.

We will also work with HR to thoroughly determine what is needed for every single job within your organization, and determine the personality characteristics needed of a person to be successful in that position. A rebalancing and redevelopment of the hiring process and job descriptions.



  • Complicated goals and objectives that are next to impossible to achieve

  • Unclear and non-concise processes that are not easy to follow

  • Improper identification, design, execution, documentation, measurement, monitoring, and control of both automated and non-automated business processes with limited possibility of achieving positive  results

Our Insight

Based off of our assessments, we can help you better determine which markets is more profitable for your focus. ( i.e. Domestic or International, Product & Provision focus, Technology, MArketing Attributes, etc.)

Our focus is to make sure whatever your business goals are to grow are proactively attained instead of reactively obtained based off of the now; more geared toward the present and future than just the present.



  • High costs in poor quality due to ineffective product preparation

  • Launching of new products and/or provision, is most commonly unsuccessful due to poor forecasting, scheduling and communication throughout all departments involved.

  • Misguided conception of consumer needs

  • Improper allocation of the direction of the industry and the needs of the target markets

Our Insight

Your industry has been forever evolving. For your company to stay at the top, or make it back to the top, it is important to implement a healthy Quality Management System. QRS, LLC is a company dedicated to helping our clients discover any systemic or local risk, help all stakeholders and associates resolve discovered risk from a systemic approach, help to implement useable work instructions, procedure, and processes into all needed teams and department, and many other things to ensure that the Quality Management System is healthy and followed through accordingly.


The team at QRS. has extensive experience in banking, automotive, health services, and many other industries, and an advantage: We are not embraced in the challenges facing your specific company on a daily basis, As consultants we have a bird’s eye view of your company’s challenges & offer an open-minded initiative to implementing effective solution to optimizing your company’s efficiency & profitability.