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In this ever-evolving world of technological advancements, the race to the top means purging countless traditional practices known in the automotive industry. The prehistoric way of banging nails with hammers have been replaced with digital technology at our fingertips to keep up with the mass production demands.

Most executives in this industry are consumed with several inefficiencies across the organization that lead to a high-level of frustration, particularly to sales & productivity. Specifically, they are struggling with:

  • Poor project planning

  • Inconsistent leadership influence

  • Under-qualified workforce

  • Lack of clarity in vehicle technology & design

  • Massive layoffs

  • Failed product development launches

  • Increase in employee turnover rates


Lack of attention to resolving these inefficiencies will lead to more plant closures & massive layoffs, inability to eradicate current vehicle recalls, ultimately resulting in a considerable decrease in profitability.

These experiences are all too familiar to me.  I have worked in an environment where inefficiency was the norm. Working in both the plant and in a corporate environment has its level of stress in the automotive industry. On a daily, there is a high level of carelessness in the approach to producing quality vehicles. So many of us were burdened with meetings upon meetings with no follow up actions, poorly defined project timelines & outputs that made our day to day work ineffective.  The high-stressed environment & unachievable deliverable made it a challenging and ineffective work environment. That paired with misaligned priorities in projects, minimal work/life balance, undefined work expectancies, are just a few frustrations that made it difficult to perform my job well.


But it does not have to stay this way…


You want your company to be the pioneer for advancement in vehicle technology & excel in worldwide your product’s footprint in the automotive industry. Ultimately, you strive to see your company achieve optimal efficiency by increasing:

  • Productivity & profitability worldwide

  • Developing more skillful teams & employees by clearly defined roles & responsibilities 

  • Improving approach to product awareness & product design process

  • Enhancing production of more highly demanded, high-quality vehicles

  • Expanding worldwide impact as a pioneer in autonomous vehicle technology


As entrepreneur Tim Ferris once said, “Efficiency is doing things right; Effectiveness is doing the right things.”


This is why QRS exists. We are passionate about creating a more productive environment for your organization.  We’ve have developed a pragmatic methodology that helps to:

  • Shorten lead-time in the product development lifecycle

  • Improve customer satisfaction so you can increase worldwide footprint in the industry

  • Reduce aftermarket recalls & warranty concerns

  • Build more effective teams & highly competent employees


Overall increasing your company’s impact as an innovator in the advance of vehicle technology.


You are now at a crossroad-- You can keep operating at your current pace or you make a change. Efficiency is a new way of working that can be implemented into your company with our help. Our pragmatic methodology is just what you need to boost your organization to the next level.


If this is what you want, give us a call now. We are excited to connect with you!

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A Message from 

Kiara Thomas

CEO of Quality Resolution Systems

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