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Dinosaur or Transformer: Which are you?

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Just imagine: You’re the Departmental Manager for a Tier-One Supplier to ALL of the top automakers. You have a flourishing team comprised of all the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) you need. Your relationships with your Manager and Management team members are good, and create a positive environment for the expansion of the company. You wake up eager to go to work and go to sleep feeling accomplished. You work for-- Let’s be honest; this exists in the same world where it’s always 75 degrees & sunny every single day of the year.

Realistically, the suits sit at their desks telling the lowest man on the totem pole to do impractical things in the least amount of time as humanly possible. Automotive companies often ask a lot for little compensation. Bad “Leaders” use fear to make sure their employees get the job done, while they are neglecting their Leadership duties.

A new Gallup study showed about 50% of employees leave their jobs due to a bad boss. Most automotive companies promote forward-thinking, innovation, openness, but the truth is, employees that give them what they ask for as reprimanded and isolated. It’s the bully mentality—you’re insecure, so you belittle others to take the spotlight from your own shortcoming. So, what does this do for a young, eager employee? It often creates a bitterness within the individual, and destroys the spirit of creativity.

Suggestions, anyone? Well, everyone can’t be a Leader. A great quality we have as humans is to know when to lead and when to follow. You may be a great leader with your family, but leading people in a fast-pace environment may not be your strongpoint.

Redefine your career goals. What drives you? If you’ve been in this position for years, it doesn’t mean you’re good at it—but that’s ok to admit! Reinvent yourself—take a challenge in an area where you have passion. Let someone else succeed at the job you’re no longer passionate about.

Find your replacement. Who’s next? As a Leader, you should already be looking to go to the next level. The people you hire for your team should be in training to be your replacement. Your goal must be to get them to surpass where you are, and make the department better. Let go of the insecurities of losing your job. You should want people on your team that are better than you. Only bullies harp on insecurities. Be a leader, not a bully.

Out with the old, in with the new. Have you grown up yet? For so long in the Automotive industry, most people have strived on managing with an iron first, humiliating people, and acting like spoiled brats. Get over it, and get over yourself. Be honest and uphold your personal integrity and that of the company. Create the environment you want to work in. You’re in the position to make the change—if you don’t, you should be replaced immediately.

We all need a reality check. We are living in a new age with a new workforce. We must be adaptable to the changes that are happening around us. The automotive industry is evolving quicker than imaginable. Take value-added risks, invest in your people, stand by your integrity, and trust your instincts.

We are growth, we are innovation, we are the future

—We are Quality Resolution Systems!!

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