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Value Hiring is Key in Order to Avoid Corporate Failure

Whether you have a start-up company or have been an established corporation, the benefits of hiring the right person for the right job is not as simple as a match-made-in-heaven resume.

Large and successful corporations, such as the Big Three Automobile Manufacturers (Ford, FCA, & GM), understand the importance of value hiring.

Lackluster employees cost businesses thousands upon millions of dollars every year. Some companies have even ascertained the loss of bad hires to be in the millions. The bad apple may even have the qualifications on paper but if the morale and personality of a person do not fit, it is not as simple to diagnosis. We all know that a bad apple spoils the bunch.

Let’s say you have an employee who no longer wants to be working for your company – either due to lack of productivity or not able to successfully function with co-workers. The employee receives a warning (verbal or written) and they become disgruntled and disengaged. Disengagement is contagious and now you have a high percentage of your work force less enthusiastic about their work, struggling to pull the additional weight of the bad apple. The good employees become frustrated, seeing no end in sight and they eventually leave a job they once loved. It happens every day.

Management may be too involved with their duties to acknowledge the toxic daily occurrences. This vicious cycle can be avoided.

How? For starters, avoid hiring the bad hires in the first place…and here’s how.

The experienced and educated people at Quality Resolution Systems (QRS)

are here to help and provide you and your small business, company or corporation with resolutions to save you thousands.

Here are a few basic tips for every employer to consider before hiring a new employee.

Reference the References

While you may think you know someone well, it is always wise to gain new insights of a possible hire by talking with their past employer. It only takes a moment and maybe your new hire has a history of not being timely for work. The reference is free and the time it takes to research may save you thousands of dollars and priceless headaches.

Third Party Perspective

Reach out to an experienced and successful manager who understands the qualities and knowledge needed for the specific job title. Invite that person to provide you with insight of the new hire from their perspective. Sometimes there may be something you are missing and an added opinion could save you from making a hiring mistake. This additional level of analysis can prove to be invaluable.

Trial Period

A trial period can also be referred to as a probationary period. An employer can set the trial period to a length of time that is suitable for the company – maybe 90 days - before converting to full-time.


During this time both sides can determine if this is a good fit, receiving a glimpse into the future partnership. This allows both parties options and is especially productive for a growing company. Evaluate. Listen. Communicate.

Clear Expectations

Discuss the responsibilities and role of the new hire during the interview and immediately upon hire. This way the expectations will set clear objectives and key results. If expectations are not met there are no surprises on either end and both parties can move on.

When you hire carefully and fire quickly you are more likely to reach positive end results.

QRS, LLC is a quality management systems based company dedicated to bridging functional gaps between corporate and support location operations. They realize that for your company to stay on top or make it back to the top, the implementation of a healthy quality management system is key.

QRS will strive to maintain a healthy and productive work environment with the goal of improving personnel morale, offering communication, implementing procedures, processes and much more.

Do yourself and your business a favor by contacting the good people at QRS. You’ll be happy you did.